TEDxUniSA Emergence

Saturday, 3 August 2019

This TEDx event is entirely organised by local, Adelaide-based UniSA students. We are passionate about sharing the ideas and innovations of our state with anyone who wants to listen—you included! We believe the theme 'Emergence' encapsulates Adelaide; young and emerging, full of incredible ideas and innovations, businesses and people. We want TEDxUniSA to be intriguing and thought-provoking.

Imagine a day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking video and mind-blowing conversation. That is the experience we're striving to bring you for this year TEDxUniSA 2019! It’s an event that gathers interesting people in the community to be a part of a unique day that unleashes new ideas and has the purpose to inspire and inform.

In this area, you'll be able to find out more information about the day, from food and drink to environmental consciousness. ​

More Information


In keeping with TEDxUniSA's desire to be as environmentally conscious as possible, we encourage attendees to take public transport to and from the event. Public transport reduces our carbon footprint by combining multiple people's carbon footprint into a single trip.

UniSA's City West campus is reasonably well connected, with walking distance bus stops on both Currie St and North Terrace. You can find a route-listing by bus stop map here and may find using the Adelaide Metro Journey Planner useful.

Tram services are again available during TEDxUniSA, with the exception of City South tram stop, but more information regarding City South tram redevelopment and replacement buses is available on the Adelaide Metro website if needed.

Adelaide Railway Station is a 5-10 minute, 500m walk down North Terrace to UniSA's City West Campus. 

We understand that public transport is not a feasible option for everyone. Unfortunately, all city parking on a Saturday is either timed or paid parking only. We've compiled a list of nearby parking complexes, and encourage you to pre-plan your journey.

Convention Centre: 150m walk down North Terrace, paid parking, between $16 and $27, with a maximum daily charge of $29.

Wilson Parking, City West: Clarence St entry, and 150m maximum walk, paid parking, with a $7 flat weekend rate and pre-booking available.

UPark TAFE SA Campus Parking, Light Square: 5-10 minute, 500m walk, paid parking with an $8 flat weekend rate.

All locations within UniSA’s City West campus will be signed on the day, but you might also like to head to the Campus Map to familiarise yourself with the campus. The official proceedings will take place in BH2-09 (Barbara Hanrahan Building, Level 2, room 09), close to the Lion Arts Centre and just off North Terrace. Our Organising Team and Volunteers will also be easily recognisable on the day if you have any other questions. 



We'll kick things off in The Hub, which is the place to be during TEDxUniSA Emergence. Registration will be hosted in The Hub from 8:30am, where guests will receive their exclusive TEDxUniSA Emergence merchandise packs, name tags and official programs. 

Lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea will also be hosted in The Hube, and guests will have the opportunity to network and mingle with other TEDgoers, and use the #TEDxUniSA hashtag to get connected.

Sponsors will be available for a chat at any time throughout TEDxUniSA in The Hub. This is their opportunity to tell you about the leaps and bounds South Australian business and economy are taking, and how and why they fit in with the TEDxUniSA Emergence values and ideas.

The AFTER TEDx Party will also be hosted in The Hub, in a much more relaxed, collegial environment. This is designed as a networking and conversation-sparking event, where attendees will have the opportunity to talk with one another, TEDxUniSA speakers, the organising committee and the team of volunteers. 

Unfortunately, TEDxUniSA is unable to offer childcare throughout the duration of Emergence, and the content of the day is unsuitable for children. Like other TEDx conferences in Australia, we ask that children are not brought to this event.


We’ll be hosting lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea, so food is on us. We've got vegetarian, vegan and halal food options for all meal times. 

We've teamed up with Honki Tonki, who are providing fresh, Asian-fusion salads on the day, and campus-renowned Food Lore, who will help make morning and afternoon tea the brain breaks we'll all need.

Local business Phat Coffee will be open for the day, and offer biodegradable cups in keeping with TEDxUniSA’s environmental consciousness.

We encourage you to bring your own bottles and KeepCups, following SA Water’s Bring Your Own Bottle scheme. We will have access to water fountains and bottle-filling stations on the day. This reduces TEDxUniSA’s waste and ensures that we’re leaving more of a positive environmental impact for the day. 


Make conversations. 

We’ve asked you to describe Emergence in three words or less, and we’ve printed these answers on your name tags. Use this as a conversation starter, or to get to know someone a little better. Come prepared with a couple of ice-breakers or conversation starters to truly impress.

Switch to silent to zone in.

Life is busy, we know. Try organising a TEDx event while life does its thing. Throughout parts of TEDxUniSA, we’ll ask that phones be switched to silent, to minimise distractions to yourself and those around you. You’re going to get the most out of TEDxUniSA if you’re present in the moment. We encourage you to bring business cards, and we will have plenty of time for geo-tagging, checking in and hash-tagging during the breaks! Get involved in the conversation using #TEDxUniSA2019 throughout the day on all social media. Our handle is @TEDxUniSA on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn.

Open your mind.

No topic is off limits, and we’ve selected the TEDxUniSA speakers we think are going to make an impact on the globe. From topics across the board, nothing is off limits. How willing are you to embrace emergence, with all its challenging ideas and new concepts?

Talk to us.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at info@tedxunisa.com if you have any inquiries. We want to make this day as enjoyable and stimulating as possible for you, and are open to special requests - such as sitting closer to the stage due to visibility or hard-of-hearing issues, changing a dietary requirement, or needing assistance for any other aspect of the day. 

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